The Benefits of Chocolate For Your Health

The benefits of chocolate have been around for years and have even been discovered as early as the 13th century, when Leonardo da Vinci wrote “He who eats chocolate will be happy and the lover of it is no longer unhappy.” Now, a new study has revealed the “why’s”how’s” of chocolate and how it can help to prevent or treat heart disease.

We are all familiar with the health benefits of cocoa butter and chocolate, and more of us are beginning to take the food and drink more seriously. Just a few years ago we only heard about these benefits from dietitians and nutritionists. In fact, many of them considered chocolate to be unhealthy. Some believed that it was a diuretic and some said that chocolate had addictive properties. Visit here for more information about

What did the scientists discover in their study of the benefits of chocolate? Find out below!

First, the scientists found that the beneficial bacteria in the stomachs of mice that ate chocolate showed strong indicators of providing protection against E.coli and salmonella. A study in mice has shown that consuming chocolate can actually help prevent heart disease and cancer.

The other reason why the benefits of chocolate are so important is because they have shown the link between the consumption of chocolate and heart disease. This has been noted by Dr. Aseem Malhotra, an American cardiologist who specializes in this field. He states that many Americans are dying because of heart disease.

When he first started working as a cardiologist, he found out that some patients had chronic fatigue and was losing weight, but also had a number of cardiovascular problems. After investigating, he discovered that the cause of these illnesses could be traced back to a series of heart diseases. Because of this, he is on a mission to try and educate people about the connection between heart disease and chocolate.

The good news is that it is easier than ever to control your cholesterol and eat healthy. There are several ways to do this such as eating less carbohydrates, eating fish and salmon, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drinking lots of water.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to look into the health benefits of chocolate, you should. It is never too late to learn about it.