What To Look For In A Folding Pool Table

You might be pondering why you should even bother with a Folding pool table. After all, a normal pool table can be folded and stored almost anywhere. But have you ever stopped to consider just how portable these things really are? The folding pool table is very easy to take along with you almost anywhere. They can even be folded up into a tiny briefcase so that you don’t even have to worry about carrying it around the house. If you are ever on the road, you can set up the table right next to your folding armchair and just turn it on and play.

There is one major reason that the folding pool table bests all other folding pool table options when it comes to portability though. With most models, you have the freedom to create any configuration you want for maximum comfort and game play. In fact, the only thing holding you back from creating your own personal custom comfort zone on the side of your house may be the presence of that little fat cat standing in your way. (That is, if you happen to have that fat cat.)

One of the key measurements that a folding pool table must be at is fifteen inches long by twelve inches wide; three quarters of an inch is the ideal dimensions. But do not let this fool you into thinking that you are limited to those three inches dimensions. They can come in many different sizes as well. Some models are actually wider than others, some are taller, and some are just about even between the two. So do not be surprised at the seemingly endless possibilities when you are shopping for your portable pool table. The truth is, you will find one that will make just the right impression wherever you put it, and it will also fit in with the dimensions of your home.

There are several additional factors that you should consider when you are shopping for a folding pool table. First of all, make sure that whichever version you decide to go with offers a comfortable playing surface. It should be fairly firm and sturdy, yet smooth. This means that it should not be too rough or too soft to the touch. If it is too hard, you will likely find yourself falling on the ground and this is surely not the sound mind when you are working.

When it comes to storage area, you need to think about your storage space in addition to your playing surface. Most folding pool tables are made with a storage area that is either built in or pockets are built into the legs of the table. This makes it convenient for you to store the table without having to worry about it sliding around when you are trying to move it. In contrast, some models do not offer storage areas, instead they are just flat surfaces on which you can place balls and lay out cue stick and such. This is fine if you want a purely stationary piece of furniture, in which case the flat surface is all that you will really need. However, if you have plans of setting up a game room in your backyard, where else but on top of that smooth playing surface would you put your pool billiard table?

It should be noted that the different manufacturers of the folding pool table will all provide you with different sized pockets that are designed to accommodate various pool cues. On top of that, the different models will also differ in terms of the amount of height that the legs of the table have been built to be. You may for instance find that your preferred pocket dimensions are only an inch taller than the actual height of the billiard table. Regardless of the model you eventually choose, bear in mind that the best quality pool table you can purchase is one that will fit all of the dimensions you have chosen for it.